Working together to keep Overbrook safe, clean and organized.

Our Story.  Founded in 2018, Overbrook West Neighbors Community Development Corporation (OWN) is comprised of community stakeholders - concerned neighbors, business leaders and anyone who is concerned about Overbrook - working together to keep our community livable and ensure it is thriving. Our target area is bordered by 56th Street (east), 63rd Street (west), Lancaster Avenue (north) and Lansdowne Avenue (south). Our work is led by, with and for our Overbrook neighbors. We seek to work collaboratively with all of our neighbors, business associations and civic organizations to improve the quality of life in Overbrook and throughout our West Philadelphia communities.

Our Approach.  Overbrook West Neighbors Community Development Corporation (OWN) is focused on enhancing commerce throughout the Overbrook section of Lancaster Avenue, (Upper Lancaster Avenue Corridor, PA Rt. 30), working with residents and community stakeholders to improve our quality of life, and serving as the Registered Community Organization (RCO) for our community to address all zoning concerns.


Our Approach

Our Story

Our Website. Our website is a living thing that constantly evolves and reflects the beauty of our community. Each day it grows and expands to include many elements and facets of our Overbrook neighborhood. If you have something helpful you believe should be included on this site, please let us know by sending an email to We will make every effort to incorporate your suggestion.

Board of Directors. The Board of Directors for Overbrook West Neighbors Community Development Corporation (OWN) are all residents of the Overbrook community we serve (except for our Treasurer.) A photo and biography for each of us is provided below.

Meet the Team

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Gregory J. Allen, Ph.D.

Founder & President

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Brenda Brown


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Richelle Robinson

Chair, Neighborhood Services Committee

Elaine Gillison

Elaine Gillison

Vice President

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Vanessa Williams

Chair, RCO Planning Committee

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Brahin Behlin

Chair, Public Safety Committee


Dr. Wesley Proctor


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Sheldon Robinson

Chair, Jobs Committee

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Pastor Jerome Goodson

Chair, Faith Committee

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